i haven't posted anything here for ages even though i still check it out from time to time. does anyone still read here?

anyway i'm going to japan next month, specifically just tokyo for a couple weeks over halloween. i'm excited to go shopping and relax and hang out with friends over there, i could probably spend an eternity in that city. kinda glad i don't like the halloween pokemon center promo that much this year, since then i won't spend so much in just one store. my budget is sort of "buy whatever i want i have money now" but i still don't want to go too crazy. my pokemon center priority is useful household goods, maybe a few plushies but i have limited space until i move so i want to be picky.

i used to make fun of one of my friends for bringing a weeb anime playmat to MLP TCG every monday night, and eventually he told me i should watch an episode of whatever it was just because. i got 5 episodes into love live! before buying a $200 figure of my favourite character. i honestly didn't expect to like an idol show at all, much less an anime like that, but here i am two months later with literally a thousand dollars in anime girl figures and special edition blu-rays. my iphone is full of their songs and my shopping list for japan is now gigantic. i have like $600 in preordered figures. this is the best thing ever ok.

miraculous ladybug is on hiatus but this is filling the gap in such a huge way, and i've made so many wonderful new friends because of this new series. if anything i am mad i didn't watch love live! a lot sooner, i feel like i missed out on so much. luckily the second series started right after i caught up on everything, so i feel like i can at least be a part of this now. usually i will latch on to my favourite characters because i like who they are and such, but nico yazawa is something else. its rare that i find i can actually relate to fictional characters in so many ways, but i'm overjoyed that i discovered her and i'm ready to buy anything with her face on it in japan. i feel like i need to do some kind of write up on why she inspires me so much, but i don't know how to really convey it. she's more than just a favourite character, you know?

with any luck i'll be able to take yearly trips to japan after this, since i finally graduate this coming spring. i'm excited to finally be free.

i guess that's it for now? just bored at work and felt like writing a thing.

funko twilight?

did anyone manage to get a sparkly version of the funko twilight that just came out? i ordered a few but they were all normal ):. gonna remove the wings of one at least.

i was offered one for $70 which is at a discount that i still think is ridiculous. i'm fine with bronies and all but after following pony collecting for a few years (before fim) i can safely say that ive never seen inflation like this before bronies happened.

there are derpy and pinkie pie clears at a local comic store for $50, so if anyone wants to trade then maybe i would be willing to do that. TWLIGHT PLS.

going back to japan?

i've been wanting to go back for a while now so i'm trying to decide if i will this year or not. if i did it would probably be some time in october/november since flights are empty enough for me to fly standby. i mostly just don't want to go by myself :<

i have some friends that want to go but idk if they would do it this year. i know gene wants to but he's till unsure about jobs and probably can't take time off for things like that as well as our usual pokemon events. i've been kinda thinking about what i would want to do and where i would want to go besides pokemon centers. probably one of those ferret stores lol. i kinda just want to hang around and eat food and go shopping, stuff like that. what are some cool things in japan to do? mamoswine i think you're someone i know who has kind of recently gone. what's cool??? what do i need to do in japan???

here is an updated list of my travels for this year:

april 6th - seattle pokemon regional
april 13th - salt lake city pokemon regional
may 3rd-8th - disneyland
may 10th-15th - buffalo NY
july 4th weekend - indianapolis pokemon nationals
august 13th through the weekend - NYC and washington DC for pokemon world finals

there are rumors of some vgc frends going to vegas during my birthday in june but idk if that will happen. i'll be turning 21, perfect.

i post sometimes

friends i am still alive

i just got back from visiting gene for a few days, i flew out on the 10th because that was our 6 month anniversary. time goes by so fast 9_9

had a sushi dinner followed by real buffalo wings with a friend who lives near the city on wednesday. it was also very cold but gene's mom made cake and cookies so that was worth it. i also tried duck for the first time since his mom made it for dinner. it tastes like really thick chicken if that makes any sense.

anyway i finally am going to take a year off school to just work and not worry about stuff. my dad still doesn't like it but too bad. my goal is to save enough money to move out by the end of 2014 which is entirely possible. at this point i'm prepared for the 3-4 years it will take me to finish my 3rd and 4th years of university. gene has just been applying for jobs, mostly in seattle, so maybe he'll have moved closer by then. at the end of this semester i will be just under half way finished with credits for my 3rd year. slow going but i can't handle more than 2 classes right now.

last month i went to the florida pokemon vgc regional with some friends which was awesome, we spent 2 days at disney world and 1 day at universal for harry potter. we definitely would have preferred to not play pokemon that weekend i think lol. i'll also be at both the seattle and utah vgc regionals in april, since my sister won 1st place at her first vgc regional in oregon and now my dad wants her to go play some more. she sold her prizes to buy a 3ds xl and won a trophy and everything! i have to adjust her team a little more before seattle but she's having a good time with mega charizard y and tyranitar. she's probably coming to indianapolis for nationals and my parents have already booked their own room for world finals in washington DC. so much travel but so fun. :U

i also got my shoyru in the mail! i was gonna post more pics but my phone is having trouble uploading so here is one:

he's pretty big, almost 20 inches tall and even came with his year's petpet. as you can see, the box is totally adorable. on one side there is also a drawing of a christmas usul by a staff member. he also came with his certificate of authenticity, which is in much better condition than i thought it would be in. this one is #60 of 350. hopefully i can post more pictures once i get home because he is so cool :>

i now begin my quest for the other two- a christmas kougra and scorchio. i expect to pay around $150 for the kougra but hopefully $60-$80 for the scorchio, if i can even find them. i'd love for them to be as complete as this one but i think i really got lucky. i'm also trying to patch some holes in my limited too plush collection and i guess start on the keyquest plush i'm missing. who wants to sell me some???

i also have another mip voltorb tomy to sell so maybe that will get me some extra cash. i've been good at saving lately which is nice, so i don't want to spend too much. kinda want some of the new pokemon center stuff but i'm going to limit myself to certain pangoro and mega mawile items.

will return with more things :U

hello help

anyone buying anything from Y!J some time soon? there's a thing i want that is like 600 yen but idk if going to the trouble of making a noppin account and bidding and stuff would be worth it. so yeah just checking

sorry i've been gone forever, but i'm done with school now and i plan to make a life update post soon!


stuff is still happening still don't know what i'm doing everything is a mystery

nameless isn't able to make my custom nidoking plush anymore due to reasons i totally understand, so i'm not getting one anymore. saves me money, but i don't think i can afford to have one made by anyone else.

so i decided to commission this lovely lady for my pony:

she is the girlfriend of a friend of mine and said she's a huge fan of my comic, so i don't have to wait for her to open slots. don't have to pay shipping either since local.

idc if real life friends read this i just want this pony because they look good and are appealing boiiii

haters gonna hate and i'm gonna get this tired grumpy pony

my life is mabel

i'm alive still

i am it's true ok

i just don't spend a ton of time on LJ anymore though i still check it every day. :U

i have been spending a lot fo time talking to my pokemon VGC friends on FB and irc. i miss them a lot and now i understand post worlds depresssion. a lot of us are already busy planning for next year and my friend from the netherlands already offered to let me stay in his room for the weekend so i'm not going back and forth from my house to the event. i was going to get a room anyway, but that's nice also. not confirmed that that's what i'm doing but i'll know more when people look into hotels.

it's just so much easier to hang out with them, especially at worlds. it's like you don't have to worry about anything else. i don't have to worry about my parents calling me home or watching my sister or doing whatever. no nagging, no yelling, and you sleep whenever you want and go out for dinner and be ridiculous. just me, my friends, and pocket monsters. but mostly friends.

i've been so tired lately. i've been babysitting all the time save for the outings with amberttd (who is awesome btw and having her over was super cool beans) and i start the real world (school) on tuesday. part of me wants to go back to school but part of me doesn't because it just takes up so much time. i have classes from 8:30am to 8:20pm on tuesdays. ):

the new ferret is getting along so great with mudge and garfield. a bit more work since litters needs to be done more often but so worth it. 3 ferrets is still not enough, i need one more. ONE MORE OK. the new girlgoo is doing great too, she's cute and i need to get more toys for the girls.

i was looking at existing nido items i need and there are not many! idk how to feel about that, kinda hope he gets something new but at the same time what's left will probably be hard to find. i should get the cryogonal tomy and after that i'm not sure what else i want besides nidos. makes it easier on me i guess, since i'd really like to focus on my neopets collection. i finally bought a maraquan chomby for $15. i've wanted one forever, that and a faerie grundo, ever since i was a kid and they came out! i'm slowly getting suckered into wanting the keyquest plush but they are stupidly priced for the codes that i don't care about >:U

a while ago i cleaned out a lot of stuff and took shelves down in my room. i kind of felt suddenly like i had too many things which i did, a bunch of stuff i forgot i even had so i gave it away and sold a bit of it. i have my two white ermine sylvanians on ebay right now - i just can't justify the cost of them and having two makes me want the rest of them. so i hope they sell, maybe i will treat myself to a neopets splurge. i have also decided to keep travel plans to a minimum next year... i still want to go to emerald city comic con and we're going to disney in may (which i'm paying for for my part) and i MIGHT go to oregon's pokemon regional in january. mum wants to try and do disneyland next halloween and we have disneyworld and a disney cruise in the winter. i want to focus my funds elsewhere i guess? idk i like that i'm not buying random junk anymore and my stuff is more focused. and i have less stuff! feels pretty good.

anyway this is getting long so i will cut it off before i make people crazy from reading it. :U

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found all the plush and the nightmare set! so nobody needs to check for me anymore. :U

figured i'd post it before anyone picks them up